Well today everything is going a little bit faster. But the sad news is that we wil not see Nicola ( Mum and Dads friend) for a while. Later we will be going to go to a museum that has a really good reputation. Now I can tell you how fun the museum ( Te Papa) is: it is the best in the world. Te Papa is the only museum in the world that has a Collosel Squid! I think that the coolest thing at the museum was the earthquacke house. You would watch a video, and then all of a sudden the video would stop the radio would say stuff and then every thing would start shacking. We then had dinner at a really nice place called Shed 5. The cool thing about it is that it use to be a warehouse/store shed for ships and their loads.
1/7/2010 10:13:55 pm

wow that museum sounds great I like the sounds of that squid


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