A Pauanui christmas with family is the best thing in the world. We had fun opening our wonderful presents. My favorite present was my beautiful pink Nikon camera. We had a nice big brunch and then had lunch quit late. The good thing for me and my sister is that since we did not bring every present. But we do get to open them in Hong Kong on the 2nd or 3rd.
Well today everything is going a little bit faster. But the sad news is that we wil not see Nicola ( Mum and Dads friend) for a while. Later we will be going to go to a museum that has a really good reputation. Now I can tell you how fun the museum ( Te Papa) is: it is the best in the world. Te Papa is the only museum in the world that has a Collosel Squid! I think that the coolest thing at the museum was the earthquacke house. You would watch a video, and then all of a sudden the video would stop the radio would say stuff and then every thing would start shacking. We then had dinner at a really nice place called Shed 5. The cool thing about it is that it use to be a warehouse/store shed for ships and their loads.
Okay this is the blog page that I will be blogging about my trips to New Zealand(Christmas) and Canada (skiing). I hope that you will comment and enjoy the Holiday Spirit! Also I will be writing about my other holidays.