On Sunday my whole family came down to Tai Tam Tuk to see the dragon boat races. I was super excited when I was asked to drum yet again - it is super dee dooper fun! I got to drum for the mixed team. I was really excited because it was the first race of the day. I drumed the Mixed team to victory!! My Dad kept saying how proud he was with me and blah blah blah... At the end of the races the adults had to chug either wine or beer as fast as they could. Then the anouncer saw kids with coke and decided that the kids should have a go chugging down a full to the rim with diet coke and fatty coke mixed together! YUCKY! At the end of the races we where awarded trophys! And of course I get to collect them for the: Mixed races, the Mens races and how can I forget the awesome women races! I love drumming for BGC Stormy Dragons because they make me feel special. I would not have drummed if Cheryl kindly offered it to me. So thank you Cheryl!
6/2/2010 01:05:41 pm

I am glad you enjoyed drumming for the dragon boat race. I am sure you did well. THEY WON! It must be very fun drinking those diet cokes. Who is Cheryl?


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