Deep Water Bay Dragon boating:
I think that this is one of my best pieces because I think that I put a lot of details and effort in to making this blog post really detailed.

My Birthday Party:
I think that this is one of my best pieces of writing on my blog because I really wrote a lot on what I think that I put in every last details that happened at my awesome 11th birthday party. I was really happy when I had all my friends over helping me celebrate my birthday party.

Tai Tam Tuk
In this piece I think that I showed my best areas of writing and the traits of writing too. I was proud to finalize the piece and finish checking it. I think that I put the best areas of the day and made sure that stuff that did not need to be in there was not in there. I have to say and you can not deny it because this is one of my favourite pieces of writing.

In every test I think that  did really well in the test because I practiced on Mathletics because if I practiced the tests I think that it would help me get ready for the fraction division problem’s that we had the test.

Over Camp I think that the most important test was to stay positive about things that were not working 100%. I think that because we did this skill really well we were able to get through camp whilst staying positive. I really enjoyed the Tyrollean traverse. I liked the Tyrollean and the abseil the most because they were the most challenging activity’s that we did. I was really happy to have done these activity’s. I have to say that I was really annoyed when I sprained my ankle.
Unit 7 Review Sheet

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