Today we went to St. Johns Cathedral. We met Father Desmond who talked all about the cathedral and Jesus Christ son of god. He told us about the bible. He told us about Luke Mathew and John. There was the 4 candles that you light during the 4 weeks of Christmas. He showed us a staff that the bishop uses during the service. There was a hymn book and the cushion that you put on the floor when you pray. When we near the end he told us about a prisoner who asked him to be a christian and when he was baptised he screamed I AM FREE! Which made every body jump or think why did he do that? It was an interesting extremely exciting experience and I hope that I go back to the Cathedral again.
11/30/2009 04:24:26 pm

I think he certainly got everybody's attention when he screamed "I'm Free!"

11/30/2009 06:40:11 pm

I'm sure that even if people where sleeping arount that tree, They'd wake!


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