Welcome to my Parent Teacher Conference. I this blog post I will be sharing about all of my work. I really hope that you enjoy reading it!

For my Parent Teacher Conference which is on Tuesday. I am going to be sharing my blog post from a few days ago about my Birthday and my really good fun birthday party. I will be comparing this to a piece about our trip to the Buddhist Temple. I think that since December I have really improved in my writing by the length of the writing that I am doing now. I think that I am going in to the details better. I really enjoy blogging - not saying that I did not before I just enjoy it much more. I think that blogging is a great way for me too show how I am doing in my writing skills. I think that I have improved by a big amount in my writing compared to when I started in August. I think that I could do better than I am doing now but I still think that I improved my writing skills. I think that writing is fun and now when I start writing I just can not I think that writing is fun and now when I start writing I just can not stop until my hands ache from writing so much, or I just can not move my fingers because I have typed so much!!! You can see how well I am as a writer by seeing my writing rubric.
My goals for life are easy for me to remember. I would like to be a BGC Stormie Dragons dragon boater. I would like to do it because both of my parents do it and it looks really fun! I think that math could relate to this because you have to have timing. When you set the race markers out you might want to know the over all distance that you have set. I think that I could practise my math a bit more and I could also practise my timing - I could do that by getting my timing in music better.

In my latest Exhibition blog post I talked about what we did in the meeting. We came up with the idea of a Petition letter. The petition will be attached on to a letter that we will be sending the Government.

This is a example of what I did in one of my math tests. I think that I did really well in the test. It was in Unit 5 so it was fairly recently. I think that I am doing really well in maths now. I think that I have improved a lot because now I understand about 10 to the power of 6. Which is 466560.

Thank you very much for reading my Parent Teacher Conference Blog Post!!

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