This is the three learner profiles that I thought that I was at the beginning of the year. I thought that I was a Risk-taker, a Communicator and lastly I thought that I was Caring. I thought that I was caring because if someone falls over and hurts them selves I will ask if they need any help. I really think that these are the profiles that I am still right now. I really like how now after over half of the school year we get to reflect on if we are still the same kind of people that we where in the beginning of Grade 5.
3/29/2010 03:09:31 pm

I think you are caring I also put that as mine

Daksha Rox
4/17/2010 06:30:20 pm

Hi Phoebe
thankyou not mentioning about something when i left home early
must have fun in your bday


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