Today the hole of grade five remembered that we only have seven more working school days till the exhibition set up. I think that I will be really nervous and basically I mean freaked out. I am really excited because we came up with the idea of a lunch time club "Pink Dolphins Marine Club" or P.D.M.C for short. So far we have Clio, Thomas G., Dorothy, and I signed up.  In the club we will be teaching you things you can do to save the marine animals and you can make paper animals. We can also bring in information that we found from time at home. I think that this club will be a very good idea that can teach people more about the more endangered animals that live around the waters of the world. I really think that this way of taking action is something that not many people have tried to do before. I really like the turtles idea of putting their logo on to one of the Hong Kong Academy - HKA school canvas bags. I hope that the fact we are trying to do a lot of different actions that all add up to a big thing, it is really cool.

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