Yesterday we had a meeting with are Mentor Miss Kim. We talked about the letter I am writing for the Legislative council. We were also talking about the article that Dawson has typed up for us. It is about what they do, their eating diets and other facts that he found. We also have another up coming meeting on Thursday- my Birthday! We hope to have the letter nearly ready to start typing and the article near the day that we send it. We are also trying to have a phone interview with the Hong Kong Dolphin Watch. I think that we could easily have the letters done soon. If you go to my Exhibition page their is something saying " Click here to take Survey". If you do please do not go and try to find the real answer. This is just so that we get an idea on how much knowledge you have on the subject all ready. I would really appreciate it if after you take the survey you could comment saying that you did. If you wish to find out more about our group go to my wiki. I think that you will find it very interesting. It also shows you the websites that we use and how much time we spend on our group meetings. I really enjoy meeting with our mentor because she is really really nice.
3/30/2010 12:25:22 pm

I have never saw a pink dolphin before I want to see if you do see any dolphins TAKE PHOTOS (and put them on your blog)


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