I think that the Grade 5 PYP Exhibition 2010 was the best exhibition I have ever seen. I was really proud of the work that my group did because we had so many comments saying: "Cool work, nice job, Well written letters" and so much more! I think that the way we showed our information was one of the ays that made it such a great success. I was really happy that the younger kids( K5-K3). The proof of that is my little sister Thea kept telling me over and over again how much she wanted to go back and see it all over again!


I was really happy to know that people and teachers enjoyed looking at my stand. I had chosen Pink Dolphins. Pink Dolphins are a tough topic because there are only about 120 of them left in Hong Kong Waters. I was really excited about having the dolphins as my topic. I really enjoyed learning all that big amount more than what I knew before I started researching. I have seen the dolphins and they are Pink! I saw them with the Hong Kong Dolphin Watch in Lantau.

I think that we could have improved by having a book or something for the younger kids. All I know for sure is that having an Xtranormal made it a fun entertaining time for every one who watched the movie. I think that if we had a game for the younger ones too that would be a help too.