On Wednesday Thea ( my younger sister - Leilanie's buddy) my helper and I went to Disney Land for the day. It was really fun. We went on Astro Blasters, and the Merry go round. We did astro blasters twice and the merry go round once. We did not do as many rides as we normally do because my sister was not feeling the best. At the end our helper let us get a souvenir each. I got a mickey mouse bracelet with crystals at the bottom, my sister got a buzz light year goggle thing but it ended up being to small. We where really lucky because then we returned it and bought her a scooter necklace. I then found a really cute necklace of Piglet. I chose it because it really reminds me of my friend Alice - she lives in Beijing. We both have a plush toy piglet. On astro blasters I got up to level 4 each ride. I was really happy because I ended up beating my sister and my helper!! So now I am unbeatable - until my Mum gets back from Boracay.