Well my birthday was on the 1st of April. I got up at six because my sister ran into my room singing happy birthday to me. When my parents got up at seven we opened my presents. My parents gave me a really nice speaker set, then my parents suprised me with an ITouch. Thea, my sister gave me New Moon- the Twilight film. Our helper Lita gave me the most adorable heart shaped box. After school I had Dorothy, Clio, and Olivia over at my house. They where over because it was my birthday and I wanted a small party. After the cake Dorothy, Maddie, Issy, Thea and me went in the showers under the swimming pool. We got so soaked that Dorothy had to take a towel home with her!! I got given the funniest birthday card from Dorothy which when I opened it glitter cakes started showering me down!! Olivia gave me Eclipse - the third Twilight book and a really nice note book and pen, Clio gave me a really nice Chinese patterned silk jewelery box with a awesome watch ring,my friend Maddie and Issy gave me a voucher card. Daksha could not come because she left school early but she gave me a Dymocks Gift Card. Leilanie, Erin, and Ellen could not make it because either they where away or they had tennis on after school. Dorothy gave me the most awesome stick on the mirror, tiles or firdge clock.!!
I think that my 11th birthday was the best! My group had a mentor meeting at lunch time and my mentor brought us cupcakes!

I thought that my friends are ALL THE BEST!! I really had a great time because of them and I really appreciated them coming to my house for my party. I think that all of my presents are absolutely AWESOME and so are my friends. I think that this birthday is one to remember for ever!
Yesterday we had a meeting with are Mentor Miss Kim. We talked about the letter I am writing for the Legislative council. We were also talking about the article that Dawson has typed up for us. It is about what they do, their eating diets and other facts that he found. We also have another up coming meeting on Thursday- my Birthday! We hope to have the letter nearly ready to start typing and the article near the day that we send it. We are also trying to have a phone interview with the Hong Kong Dolphin Watch. I think that we could easily have the letters done soon. If you go to my Exhibition page their is something saying " Click here to take Survey". If you do please do not go and try to find the real answer. This is just so that we get an idea on how much knowledge you have on the subject all ready. I would really appreciate it if after you take the survey you could comment saying that you did. If you wish to find out more about our group go to my wiki. I think that you will find it very interesting. It also shows you the websites that we use and how much time we spend on our group meetings. I really enjoy meeting with our mentor because she is really really nice.
This is the three learner profiles that I thought that I was at the beginning of the year. I thought that I was a Risk-taker, a Communicator and lastly I thought that I was Caring. I thought that I was caring because if someone falls over and hurts them selves I will ask if they need any help. I really think that these are the profiles that I am still right now. I really like how now after over half of the school year we get to reflect on if we are still the same kind of people that we where in the beginning of Grade 5.
If you think that you know your stuff on Pink Dolphins? Well then try out my new Survey Monkey surveys. Go under more.. and find out then.
Well yesterday we got assigned a mentor. Pink Dolphins 1 got given Kim Fung from Rainbow class.
We are a community that is thinking about the action we can take to resolve global problems in a way to find the answer.

By:Phoebe Thomas S. Osama
Scribe: Phoebe
Welcome to Grade 5AB's class website!! In this blog you might find fun links, games and links to our student blogs. Our class blog is a blog that our teacher Andy pulls students pieces of writing out of our own blogs and transfers them into a section called: Class Blog, it means that our work has been really good and interesting. We have just recently started our exhibition unit. We take mandarin and their are some photos on the front page of the costumes that we made with are own bare hands! if you like Andy's blog try some of ours.
Well as you should know in Mandarin we are doing the Chinese Fashion show for the Chinese New Year Show. We where split into 12 different groups. While we where in those groups we had to discuss the style of clothing we were doing , who was going to wear the clothing. Whilst doing it the noise level just kept on getting higher and higher by the second.
Today we went to a Buddhist Temple. We went to the Temple
 to understand about what the Buddhist Monks do. We learnt that you could not sit down and dump things on the floor as a sign
 of respect. The reasons are: everything has a place so it disturbs the security guards. We saw a monk giving a bowl of rice and another bowl of something. They have donation
holes every where. They have praying benches for people to pray on. They also have mini models
of Nunnery's around the world like in Beijing. I really enjoyed seeing everything in the Nunnery.

Well today we went to the Islamic Centre in Wan Chai. We then met a man named: Imam Yang. He told us about all of their rules and some of the prayers that the Islamic people say in their daily prayers. We then visited the Women's praying hall and the Men's praying hall.When we where in the boy's praying hall he told us about some more prayers and things needed.