If you think that you know how many Pink Dolphins in Hong Kong Waters??
Today the hole of grade five remembered that we only have seven more working school days till the exhibition set up. I think that I will be really nervous and basically I mean freaked out. I am really excited because we came up with the idea of a lunch time club "Pink Dolphins Marine Club" or P.D.M.C for short. So far we have Clio, Thomas G., Dorothy, and I signed up.  In the club we will be teaching you things you can do to save the marine animals and you can make paper animals. We can also bring in information that we found from time at home. I think that this club will be a very good idea that can teach people more about the more endangered animals that live around the waters of the world. I really think that this way of taking action is something that not many people have tried to do before. I really like the turtles idea of putting their logo on to one of the Hong Kong Academy - HKA school canvas bags. I hope that the fact we are trying to do a lot of different actions that all add up to a big thing, it is really cool.
This short movie is about how you can save the Hong Kong Pink Dolphins. I hope you enjoy about what we have learned!
Well last night was so much fun! My Mum and Dad came back from the airport at 8:30. It was so good to see them again after a long six days. I think that the best part overall was the presents that they gave me. I got a blue and brown leather bracelet, a turquise ( real) necklace, a yellow and turquise necklace, and a shell box and a Philippine dragon boating shirt. I think that the leather bracelet is so cool. I think that because the inside leather is soooo soft! I hope that my Mum liked the Pink Lillie's that we got her for a good job getting 2 gold medals. I think that she should be very proud because Bugsay borocay are a really harsh and fast team.
On Wednesday Thea ( my younger sister - Leilanie's buddy) my helper and I went to Disney Land for the day. It was really fun. We went on Astro Blasters, and the Merry go round. We did astro blasters twice and the merry go round once. We did not do as many rides as we normally do because my sister was not feeling the best. At the end our helper let us get a souvenir each. I got a mickey mouse bracelet with crystals at the bottom, my sister got a buzz light year goggle thing but it ended up being to small. We where really lucky because then we returned it and bought her a scooter necklace. I then found a really cute necklace of Piglet. I chose it because it really reminds me of my friend Alice - she lives in Beijing. We both have a plush toy piglet. On astro blasters I got up to level 4 each ride. I was really happy because I ended up beating my sister and my helper!! So now I am unbeatable - until my Mum gets back from Boracay.
In this blog post I will be telling you about how I thought my PTC( Parent Teacher Conference) went. I think that I did really well by improving the length of my writing. In my conference I showed my parents my Exhibition post, my birthday post, and my buddhist temple post. I think that my parents where really happy with how much I have improved. I am also really happy with how much I improved, because I went from plain old fluent to 50% fluent and 50% proficient. I think that this news really made my day in so many ways. My parents told me the same news over and over again. Now when my parents tell me that they are extremely proud I just take it in then let it out. I think that I could have improved in a few areas but other then that I think that I think my results in writing where really good.
Well my Mum and Dad are going to Boracay in the Philippine's. I am really happy about this because your team can only go there if they are really really good. I think that it is also sad because it means that my sister and I miss are parents for nearly a week. Another good thing about my parents being in Boracay is that my Mum goes and buys the worlds best souvenirs that have ever been. We normally expect a phone call every night or they expect one from us. I think that it is great for them and their team which is BGC Stormie Dragons. One of the hard things for me is which team do I support??? I think that I have to cheer for Stormie’s because I am going to join them in a few years time! I really enjoy going down to support them when they are in big dragon boat races.
Yesterday Dr. Merris came in to our class rooms to talk about the move from primary school to Middle School. Dr. Merris brought along the new Middle School principal - Mr. Musco. Dr. Merris told us about our lockers, laptops and classes/courses. I was really excited by the fact that we get a Macbook!!! I am really excited because the school was going to be in Kennedy Town, but the best part is that there are less stairs than here!! Grade 6 will be up on the fourth floor. I can not wait to have Mr. Musco as my new Middle School High School principal. We can order food from the supplier. I think that being the oldest in the Primary School and then being the youngest in The Upper School will be kind of freaky and a bit scary. I can not wait to be in Middle school but I will sadly be missing 2 friends and those 2 are Sidhonie - I have known her since Grade 2 and Dorothy - I have known her since Grade 3.
Welcome to my Parent Teacher Conference. I this blog post I will be sharing about all of my work. I really hope that you enjoy reading it!

For my Parent Teacher Conference which is on Tuesday. I am going to be sharing my blog post from a few days ago about my Birthday and my really good fun birthday party. I will be comparing this to a piece about our trip to the Buddhist Temple. I think that since December I have really improved in my writing by the length of the writing that I am doing now. I think that I am going in to the details better. I really enjoy blogging - not saying that I did not before I just enjoy it much more. I think that blogging is a great way for me too show how I am doing in my writing skills. I think that I have improved by a big amount in my writing compared to when I started in August. I think that I could do better than I am doing now but I still think that I improved my writing skills. I think that writing is fun and now when I start writing I just can not I think that writing is fun and now when I start writing I just can not stop until my hands ache from writing so much, or I just can not move my fingers because I have typed so much!!! You can see how well I am as a writer by seeing my writing rubric.
My goals for life are easy for me to remember. I would like to be a BGC Stormie Dragons dragon boater. I would like to do it because both of my parents do it and it looks really fun! I think that math could relate to this because you have to have timing. When you set the race markers out you might want to know the over all distance that you have set. I think that I could practise my math a bit more and I could also practise my timing - I could do that by getting my timing in music better.

In my latest Exhibition blog post I talked about what we did in the meeting. We came up with the idea of a Petition letter. The petition will be attached on to a letter that we will be sending the Government.

This is a example of what I did in one of my math tests. I think that I did really well in the test. It was in Unit 5 so it was fairly recently. I think that I am doing really well in maths now. I think that I have improved a lot because now I understand about 10 to the power of 6. Which is 466560.

Thank you very much for reading my Parent Teacher Conference Blog Post!!
These are what my presents that I got given. The jewelery box is more rectangular and has two hook kind of locks. I could not find a photo of the clock present that Dorothy gave me. Maddie and Issy's present was hard too find a picture of.