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Well here is how it goes. We went on a 30~45 minute long junk yes a junk ride and then when we arrived at Tung Lung Chao we had another 20 minute long hike to the camping ground. There are 3 expert groups: X~ray'z Umpa Lumpa and The Purple Cobraz. On the second day the X~ray'z  where the first group to do the Tyrolean Traverse and then we did the absieling and then before we had to go to bed we played a game called Intruder and then it was lights out.

On the 3rd day we did rock climbing and apparently I was told that I climbed the hardest section in record time! There was one game that was so much fun! The game was called Pipe Ball which is where you have to put lots of water in a tube while your teammates would cover the holes X~ray'z where the first group to do it and we did it but Gigi got soaking wet! The amazing maze was quit challenging because you had to find the place /tile which you had to step on in a certain amount time. Again we succeded and we got every body over in time so we were very happy.

The fourth day was the sadest because that is the day we had to leave. But it was also it was exciting because we got given our CERTIFICATE!!!! On the junk trip back to the bus ride pick up place we found out who won the star challenge which was X~ray'z. Everybody got a soft drink    (coke nestea pocare sweat). Then everybody started singing a clapping and fun morning activity which is called A Ram Sam Sam. I know for sure that the mums where all very excited to see their children again after 4 days! I know for sure that every body was happy to see their mum a gain.
I guess every body got a special treat or gift from one of their family members. Well this is about everything that I can remembe
11/8/2009 09:29:19 pm

Special gift? What was yours? My gift was soft bed :-)


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