Well I think that everybody including the teachers are very happy that tomorrow is only a half day and that it is Christmas. YAY! I think that everything will be crazy tomorrow, because     we have to tidy the classroom, take things out of our shelf's and much, much more!! I hope that every one has a very fun and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Well I think that nearly every little kids are asking their parents for the most crazy presents like a 3 year old asking for a phone!! I know that if you have a little siblings but DO NOT destroy it for them as I know my sister loves seeing Santa each year. I think that she will end up asking me for help on what she thinks that should go on her list.
Well today during snack time I stayed down not ownly   because I find stairs hard but I got to make the most   awesome ANIMOTO video! It is really fun and exciting.
Phoebe Peace
Today we went to the Jewish Synagogue which was called: Ohel Leah Synagogue. We where shown around by a lady called Anna Van de Berg. She told us that when a girl is 12 years old she can not sit with her father and can only sit with women. She also told us that when a boy reaches the age of 13 he can not sit with his mother. At the end Anna got her husband to come and open the doors to the scrolls. We learned that the people who wrote the scrolls had to do it perfectlly otherwise it could not be used. The Synagogue was on Robbinson Road.