Today g5AB and g5SM where acting out 2 religions. 5AB was the Pysnyas and 5SM was the Chismas. We had to follow our religions rules and try not to make it obvious about what the religions were. It was all very crazy and everybody was shouting and feeling like a whole new person.
My buddy is the cutest sweetest 5 or 6 year old I have ever met (other than my sister(of course). I really enjoy seeing him around the school and during buddy lesson time. His name is Nicholas and I think he is from Australia. I really enjoyed looking at his alphabet book today. I can not wait to see him over the next few years as he would grown alot and he will be much more mature( just kidding but it may be true! I can not believe that he was in K4 last year. If I did not know him better I would think that he is in G1. I really enjoy seeing him and I hope he enjoys seeing me too. I think that Nicholas is really into every activity as well as me.
My family and I went to Malaysia Cherating Beach for half term. It was a lot of fun we arrived at the hotel at about 6:30 or 7:00 in the evening we watched the first show. I think that the show was great it was called CIRCUS! We had the time of our life when we were in Cherating Beach.
Today we had to make he head look like ahead and put the water bottles on the wire that we will use to hang the Serpent. I think that every body was extremely proud and happy that we finished in time. Then in the after noon we had Warren Wills. We ended up composing a song about Marilyn Monroe.
Today we met Miguel. We started sketching what in our minds the Serpent would look like. We really enjoyed planning our own Serpents and looking at all of the supplies for ideas on how to decorate the water bottles.
Today we finished painting, sticking and making the bottles ready for tommorow. We are already and prepared to be amazed by the most amazing water bottle Serpent we have ever seen!! I am truly happy with the work we all did.
Today we started to choose which bottles we would like to paint decorate and plan our piece of the rainbow serpent. Miguel put us into 6 colour groups:Purple, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, and Orange. I am putting 2 or 3 different shades of purple. I am using circle tissue paper and a coat of glue at the end for some shine. I am looking forward to tommorow  because then hopefully I can actually finish decorating my water bottle body piece. I hope that the serpent will be put somewere like near the red door in the primary school.



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Well here is how it goes. We went on a 30~45 minute long junk yes a junk ride and then when we arrived at Tung Lung Chao we had another 20 minute long hike to the camping ground. There are 3 expert groups: X~ray'z Umpa Lumpa and The Purple Cobraz. On the second day the X~ray'z  where the first group to do the Tyrolean Traverse and then we did the absieling and then before we had to go to bed we played a game called Intruder and then it was lights out.

On the 3rd day we did rock climbing and apparently I was told that I climbed the hardest section in record time! There was one game that was so much fun! The game was called Pipe Ball which is where you have to put lots of water in a tube while your teammates would cover the holes X~ray'z where the first group to do it and we did it but Gigi got soaking wet! The amazing maze was quit challenging because you had to find the place /tile which you had to step on in a certain amount time. Again we succeded and we got every body over in time so we were very happy.

The fourth day was the sadest because that is the day we had to leave. But it was also it was exciting because we got given our CERTIFICATE!!!! On the junk trip back to the bus ride pick up place we found out who won the star challenge which was X~ray'z. Everybody got a soft drink    (coke nestea pocare sweat). Then everybody started singing a clapping and fun morning activity which is called A Ram Sam Sam. I know for sure that the mums where all very excited to see their children again after 4 days! I know for sure that every body was happy to see their mum a gain.
I guess every body got a special treat or gift from one of their family members. Well this is about everything that I can remembe
                         I Am Poem

                I am a lively girl who loves her family
      I wonder if I’m French because of great grandparents
                I hear Thea crying because she fell over
                        I see people flying throw the air
                            I want an IPOD TOUCH!
                  I am a lively girl who loves her family

               I pretend I’m a rock star signing in my room
                          I feel the pain of a shark bite
                    I touch the clouds in my sisters head
                               I worry about my sister
                            I cry when some one dies
                      I am a lively girl who loves her family

                        I understand about my dad’s knee
                                  I say careful Thea
                          I dream to get my ears pierced
                              I try do my best at school
                                     I hope for the best
                 I am a lively girl who loves her family

By: Phoebe