Today we went to St. Johns Cathedral. We met Father Desmond who talked all about the cathedral and Jesus Christ son of god. He told us about the bible. He told us about Luke Mathew and John. There was the 4 candles that you light during the 4 weeks of Christmas. He showed us a staff that the bishop uses during the service. There was a hymn book and the cushion that you put on the floor when you pray. When we near the end he told us about a prisoner who asked him to be a christian and when he was baptised he screamed I AM FREE! Which made every body jump or think why did he do that? It was an interesting extremely exciting experience and I hope that I go back to the Cathedral again.
On Saturday my Mum got Thea, Lita(our helper) Dad and me to help her put up our Christmas Tree. It took us a while but my sister and I got a candy cane and a chocolate santa. It  took us about 1 or 2 hours including putting up the lights and decorating the tree. It was fun but busy.
Today my Mum Thea and I went to Repulse Bay for Thea's rugby practise. We are all very excited because on this coming Sunday she will be playing a match at Hong Kong Stadium!!!
A few days ago we met Grant Millard (the 2nd director to choose from. He is a funny exciting man who has got children like Steven Dare. He would be willing to stay at HKA for 4 years. At the end we had a vote on which director we want for HKA , these where the results: Steven Dare=19 votes Grant Millard=10 votes in a few days time we will hopefully find out! YAY! I think that who ever is chosen out of the 2 of them will be perfect for HKA. I am sorry that I posted this post a little bit late.
Today Erin and Ella both forgot their reading books, how LAZY are they!? Now all of us are on a computer typing on blogs, looking up word meanings and going on the thesaurus. In my mind I am thinking why do Ella and Erin don't have their books and especially since it is casual dress day. Did casual dress day make them forget their books? As I type that is all that is on my mind.
Today nearly everybody came to school dressed up as somebody from the 60s 70s or 80s. Everyone looks so funny in their crazy costumes and clothes!! Their are Punks Hippies 50s girls and lots of other wacky outfits on EVERYBODY!!!!
Today we went to the Sikh Temple. As soon as we arrived had to put our head pieces/coverings on. It was really interesting because we walked around the holy bible and then got given a cake thing and some fruit. We then went and learned about Sikhism. After the lesson we had a quick peek at the K 3 4 5. They were sooooooooooo cute! AT the end we had lunch: curry bean sauce and rice.
Well I have not been able to blog about my blog because I have been so busy typing and writing and typing about everything that we need to blog about. I think that making a blog is super fun because we type/blog about anything we want to.
Today we have yet another reading group. It is really fun because it is a group of 4 girls. Erin, Ella Me and Dorothy are reading Star-Girl by Jerry Spinelli. Each week we choose which pages we have to read and to find out the meanings for the words that we do not know. Star-Girl is an amazing exciting book about a girl who is always changing her name for example her first name that she wanted was Pocket Mouse. Is that not a weird name!!!!! Reading groups are so much fun I can not wait to find out what books that we will read next time.
Today we went to a Hindu temple in Happy Valley. We had to take off our shoes when we arrived. Inside the temple there was 2 or 3 people praying to the 3 gods. We met a man who told us every thing that we might have needed to know. There was a big bell that you ring before and after you pray, make offerings and bathe one god. I found it really interesting because you really     understand Hinduism even if you did not before. They had a book that was over 100 years old.    We walked around a "house" of one of the gods. Hinduism has been a religion for over 5000   years. I really found it interesting.
Yesterday Steven Dare came to our grade. The whole of Grade 5 was extremely excited about asking our questions to him and hearing his answers. I was very happy because my question was asked first: What Learner Profile attitudes do you think are the most important? We where glad that he is willing to be at a school for 7(can you believe it) years .He is a director that i would be pleased to have.