Well this year in grade 5 we are getting along pretty well.These are the students names:
Astrid Ella Erin Dorothy Daksha Omer Phoebe Dawson Paul Dominique Scott Maite Leilanie Andrew Thomas Oscar Sidhonie. Are teachers are
This year while we are at camp I am going to try to come over my fear of sharks. I have always been scared of sharks because it has been a nightmare in the day for me. Every time I go on a junk trip if I am one of the first people in the water I swim super fast so that I can get out of the water. But this camp I am going to try to over come my fear of sharks. My fear takes over me when I am swimming in a place without a shark net. But once lots of people get in I am fine. I swam with sharks when I was little (1 years old) so I don't get why I get so scared. I have watched Jaws and that did not scare me. I think that the hardest thing for me to over come this year at camp is my far for sharks. Hopefully this will happen and this camp may very well change my life.This is my biggest fear so I do hope that I can over come it. I really hope that everybody enjoys camp!
Well I guess that we are all happy that we do not have to do another parent teacher conference for another 4-6 months! The teachers that I saw Andy Birch ( Teacher ) and Sally Leung ( Co-teacher). We had a talk about were I am in reading and we talked about my goals an dhow I can do my goals and were I am in the DRA which means Developmental Reading Assessment I was about on level 50.

I was very happy when it was all over but then I knew I had to wait another half hour because my sisters conference was just after mine. I was waiting with my friend because she was waiting for her little sister as well. I hope t
that it is a long time before we have another Parent Teacher Conferences!
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