I hope you enjoy our 5th Grade band.

I think that the Grade 5 PYP Exhibition 2010 was the best exhibition I have ever seen. I was really proud of the work that my group did because we had so many comments saying: "Cool work, nice job, Well written letters" and so much more! I think that the way we showed our information was one of the ays that made it such a great success. I was really happy that the younger kids( K5-K3). The proof of that is my little sister Thea kept telling me over and over again how much she wanted to go back and see it all over again!


I was really happy to know that people and teachers enjoyed looking at my stand. I had chosen Pink Dolphins. Pink Dolphins are a tough topic because there are only about 120 of them left in Hong Kong Waters. I was really excited about having the dolphins as my topic. I really enjoyed learning all that big amount more than what I knew before I started researching. I have seen the dolphins and they are Pink! I saw them with the Hong Kong Dolphin Watch in Lantau.

I think that we could have improved by having a book or something for the younger kids. All I know for sure is that having an Xtranormal made it a fun entertaining time for every one who watched the movie. I think that if we had a game for the younger ones too that would be a help too.
On Sunday,May the 9th I got to drum for my parent's dragon boat team - BGC Stormie Dargons. My first thought was: "What on earth am I doing at the front of this dragon boat for?" then I answered it. The answer was: because I am a Junior Stormie member. When we first drummed for the boat I was really scared that I might fall off. I thought that because the boats were shaking and that means my high seat was a scary place to be. It was really cool because my Mum's friends were right in front of me on point, which is the front seat of the boat. My Mum said that "If I fell off everyone on the boat I was drumming for and everyone on her boat would immediatly jump in after me!" My reaction was WOW! I did not realise how special it was being the drummer at 11. In all three of our races the womens A boat came first then my B boat always came fifth. The "A" boat was full of people who practised at least 3 times a week. Then the "B" boat is full of people who can not make it to all of the practise's, then again they also have the most amazing new comers too! I was really proud to be offered to drum because that meant I was some way a drummer for them. At the end I was congratulated by everyone who paddled on my boat. I also got a thank you and well done from the boats coach Bill. When Bill told me this I was away inthe angels because that really made my day. Then at the end of the races everyone was allowed to fresshen up for the award ceremony. The "A" boat won 1 trophy and 1 big roasted piggy! We then had a special barbeque that had been planned for us. I have to admit that the pig went down like water throught a sive!
Yesterday in Netball Hong Kong Academy played a match against French International School - International stream. We played really well. In the first half I think we scored two points and in the second at the very end just before the whistle blew I scored our third goal. FIS in the first half only scored one goal so in the second half I guess it was obvious who was going to win the game. I was so happy to win!
This rubric is on what I think that I have done. I think that I did really well on my scores. I hope you agree with what I have chosen.
Now that our exhibition is only a week a way, I feel a bit nervous. I think that we are really happy with the Marine Club idea. This idea was Dawson's. I think that the best part about it is that we all get a membership card and then we can learn tons of different things on how to save lots of the Marine animals. We will be trying to get people to sign up for the club during the exhibition. I think that our main audience will be G3~G5 students. I think that the most important thing is that we can make this sustainable. I really hope that we get more than 10 people in the Marine Club. I think that the bigger the group the more fun we will have.