Well as you should know in Mandarin we are doing the Chinese Fashion show for the Chinese New Year Show. We where split into 12 different groups. While we where in those groups we had to discuss the style of clothing we were doing , who was going to wear the clothing. Whilst doing it the noise level just kept on getting higher and higher by the second.
Today we went to a Buddhist Temple. We went to the Temple
 to understand about what the Buddhist Monks do. We learnt that you could not sit down and dump things on the floor as a sign
 of respect. The reasons are: everything has a place so it disturbs the security guards. We saw a monk giving a bowl of rice and another bowl of something. They have donation
holes every where. They have praying benches for people to pray on. They also have mini models
of Nunnery's around the world like in Beijing. I really enjoyed seeing everything in the Nunnery.

Well today we went to the Islamic Centre in Wan Chai. We then met a man named: Imam Yang. He told us about all of their rules and some of the prayers that the Islamic people say in their daily prayers. We then visited the Women's praying hall and the Men's praying hall.When we where in the boy's praying hall he told us about some more prayers and things needed.
Well we started in Wellington at The Museum Hotel. Then we drove up to Feilding(my Mum's Great Great Great Uncle found the town) and then we drove up to Lake Taupo, we stayed in Cypress Villa Motel. Then up to Rotorua were we stayed in The Silver Fern Motel. And then we drove to Pauanui  and then we went to Coromandol Town.