A fun Mandarin game.
Chinese Translation:
你好。我的名字是菲比巴頓。我來自英國。我的普通話老師丁落士大夫精神Huang 。我在柑橘類標準。

English Translation:
hello. my name is Phoebe Barton. I am from England. My mandarin teacher is Ding Lao Shi. I am in the Standard mandarin class.
This is a link to our mandarin class website.
Website link
I have been in the Standard Mandarin class with Ding Lao Shi. Our latest unit has been modes of transportation. I think that these pieces of work really show how much we put in these lesons.
This is a video that we worked really hard on in mandarin.
1: To learn how to write England in the Chinese characters.
2: To use mandarin outside of school a lot more.
3: To practise at least 5 times a week.