First Script Before Editing:

Radio Show Script: Alien Attack

Sophia: Wow. Look at that big flying thing.

Josh: Yeah it is massive. I wonder what is inside it.

Sophia: I bet you 10 bucks that if we can find out what that thing really is.

Effect: ka-ching 

Josh: Okay then you have yourself yet another bet.

Narrator: 10 minutes later

Sophia: should we be calling the Spaceoligists in their station

Josh: I think we should go inside and tell Mom and Dad inside?!

Mom&Dad: I really do not believe you and that alien space ship story.

Josh: OK then if you want to be attacked by the aliens from Plubalapuback. Oh and by the way Plubalapuback is 1,000,000 miles away from the sun!

Sophia: Josh we need to get Mom and Dad in the storm shelter before the big flying thing lands on top of the neighbor hood park!

Josh: I am on it now.

Mom: I am so proud of you guys for telling us and getting us in the shelter before it was too late.

Dad: Thank goodness that we have a weeks worth of meals in here. Other wise we would have to be going back and forth from the -house-

Sophia: Daddy, I'm scared about the big flying thing coming and falling on the storm shelter's door.

Mom: Well if that happens I bet Josh and Daddy will be able to brake the door with something out of the tool box.

Josh: We actually have a tool box down here?

:Effect: ooohhh

Dad: This shelter is basically a substitute house for us.

Sophia: So we do not have to keep going back and forth from the house then! YAY!!

Effect: clapping apluase

Narrator: And now we go back to the TV station.

Reporter: That was the live voice recording of what happened in the Harley's home the day of this big event. Now we have Sophia aged 12 and her mother, and her brother Josh aged 14.

Josh: Well first of all let me get something out: I was so scared that the flying thing was going to crash down right above our storm shelter's door and block us in. Luckily a phone was fitted in. After 15 minutes  we received a  phone call from someone 10 house from us saying:

Sophia: She said: Help me oh please please help me get out of my storm shelter! I am begging you to let me and my 2 children  come and stay with you in your shelter. We replied saying: What happened to your shelter? But yes of corse you can stay in our shelter.

Mom: Then she came around bringing sleeping bags and a tiny bit of food which would of lasted 9 days.

Reporter: Well I think the president has something to say.

President: Congratulations for being the nicest family in California! We would like to give all of your family a medal for doing this good deed. Well done the Harley family! Now give a medal to your father kids!

Mom, Sophia,& Josh: Thank you sooo much!